Jewish Culture School

Jewish Culture School provides a broad hands-on approach to Jewish life and learning focusing on history, music, literature and ethics. JCS students cook, sing, dance and engage in lively discussions of the lessons of Jewish history. They also participate in Secular Humanistic holiday celebrations and learn cultural ways of celebrating at home. We derive progressive social messages from our studies of Jewish history and express those messages in our songs and our community service projects.

This year, our focus is on Jewish history through art.  We will learn about an artist and do a project based on their style. Then we’ll learn a little Hebrew or Yiddish, sing, and cook a Jewish dish from the area.

JCS culminates in a Secular Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in which the students demonstrate what they have learned. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, consisting of a series of projects including community service, is aimed at making connections between Jewish life and the every-day interests of the students. Projects are chosen in consultation with parents, teachers, mentors and the students to reflect those interests.

JCS usually meets twice a month, on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 12:30 in Castro Valley. Parents are welcome to attend, but we’ll put you to work helping with the cooking!

The school welcomes children from dual-cultural households and those from non-traditional families. We make a special effort to integrate the child’s full heritage into the Sunday School and Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience.

If you are interest in joining, please call us at (925) 485-1049 or email We’ll send you some forms and a fee schedule. Scholarships granted upon request.

Click here for the Jewish Culture School enrollment form.

JCS schedule for the 2017/18 school year:
Sept. 10 and 24
Oct. 22
Nov. 5 and 19
Dec. 3 and 17
Jan. 7 and 21
Feb. 18
Mar. 18
Apr. 8 and 22
May 20
June 3


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